Sales Planning 101

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Sales Planning 101

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Are you getting the most out of a sales plan? Or do you find yourself not having a comprehensive forecast in place? Maybe you track everything in Excel, but realize it’s not fast or smart. Whether you’re a sales executive, sales team lead, or an entrepreneur managing it all, developing a strategic sales plan and leveraging the right tools can benefit your business in many important ways. Read on to learn why sales planning is critical and how you can utilize technology to refine and implement your plan.

Common Challenges of A Sales Plan

We know a sales plan is like an overall business plan but it’s specific to your sales strategy. It includes a high-level overview of your sales objectives, tactics, target customers, and potential challenges. It also layers in revenue goals, team structure, and the strategies your sales team will use to hit their goals. But according to ZenDesk, 40% of salespeople agreed that the prospecting process is the most challenging part of the sales plan and most sales reps struggle to get enough follow up touches out to their leads.

Why Are Sales Plans Important?

In today’s competitive market, having a sales plan is one of the best strategies you can use to keep your team on track, while also looking ahead to the future. Leah Adams, Director of Client Success at Point3 Security says, “It’s extremely important to have a sales plan in place, almost a must. Without this plan, it’s almost impossible to get through the year and hit the company’s sales goals.”

It also allows you to foresee potential sales risks so you can mitigate them before they occur. Above all, it keeps your sales team aligned with other departments within your organization, as well as your overall business strategy.

Elements of a Successful Plan

Sales plans will vary from business to business, but there are several key elements that all of them should include:

  1. Realistic and Specific Goals: Work with your sales team to set reasonable benchmarks throughout the sales cycle. Like any business-related goal, they should be specific and attainable to keep everyone focused and morale steady.
  2. Clear Expectations: Specify your team’s responsibilities so everyone understands their tasks and roles. You may also create a timeline with deadlines to keep your business running smoothly.
  3. Target Customers and Revenue: Who does your company aim to serve and what are your monetary goals? These are also important aspects of your plan. Your target market should be as specific as possible — perhaps even broken down by geography, demography, and behavior.
  4. Intent Data and Automation: Having the right technology in place to prioritize your best opportunities paired with automation to help with sequencing and personal outreach will be sure to generate more activity. After all, the main goal is unveil prospects who are active in the buying process so you can get the win!

How Plumly Can Support Your Sales Plan

Plumly is the strategic advantage you need to improve your sales. One of the key features we provide is a digital sales plan. We work with you to get each of your sales reps set up with a unique sales plan that tracks their revenue goals and specifies weekly activities that will lead to their goals. Plus, with streamlined integrations with Microsoft 365, automated data and lead importing, automated data scrubbing, and engagement scoring, your sales team will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what they need.

We also have a central intelligence hub, Activity Stream, to help you stay on top of your opportunities, respond to leads, and continually move deals forward. From sending emails to making phone calls, everything will be tracked here, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to spend more time nurturing customers and closing deals.

Interested in finally having the sales plan, process, and visibility you’ve been wanting? Do you want to save more time, drive more sales, and gain more revenue? Get in touch!