Driving business growth and increased sales through AI-powered technology

Company Overview

Plumly addresses the unique growth needs of IT providers and MSPs through a sales operations platform built on sales intelligence and optimization. Plumly does this by doing what other apps and CRMs can’t accomplish — delivering a repeatable process for business development and account management that systematically creates additional revenue opportunities to grow your business faster.

Meet our Leadership Team


Patrick Ciccarelli

CEO, Founder

  • 20+ years as an IT industry executive
  • Published author on IT
  • Developed multiple SaaS products

Will Wallis

CTO, Founder

  • 20 years of experience
  • CTO, Co-founder of multiple startups with exits

Marc Perramond

Advisor, Former VP of Product –
InsideView (Acquired)


Lloyd Noronha

Advisor, Head of Global Marketing
(acquired by Cisco)


Harvey Goodman

Advisor, Investor
CEO, Eebu Health

Why do high-performing sales teams choose Plumly?

  • Proven and repeatable sales process for all sales staff to follow
  • Simple, consistent, and accurate data collection to drive sales intelligence
  • Increased opportunities to grow revenue
  • Accelerated sales by reducing the delays between tasks and stages
  • Higher accuracy and timeliness of sales activities
  • Automated tracking of sales to put time back toward selling
  • Actionable engagement data to identify buying and express intent of customers
  • Best-in-class account management practices to retain and grow customers
  • Transparent data between sales rep and sales leader for accountability, visibility on their accomplishments, and goal setting of targets

How we can help

We help IT Sales Managers, Account Managers, and Account Executives map out their sales tasks with these strategic steps and activities:

Make Goals & Plans

  • Sales Goals
  • Sales Plan
  • Weekly Activity Benchmarks
  • Budgeting
  • Review ConnectWise (CW) Historical Sales and Asset Data
  • Block Schedule Weekly Prospecting

Gather Sales Information

  • Identify and Segment Prospects and Accounts
  • Set Up Email and Meeting Templates
  • Set Up Sequencing Workflows (Email, Phones, Linkedin)
  • Import Prospect Lists
  • Marketing Lead Capture: Web and Email
  • MailChimp, Constant Contact Integration

Get Set Up to Sell

  • Snapshot of Account Health, Including Surveys and Tickets
  • Populate Product Catalog with Customer Information:
    • Customer profile
    • Competitive information
    • Counter objections
    • Leave behinds
    • Talking points

Assess Performance: Rep Metrics

  • Weekly Intelligence Based Insights
  • Weekly Performance
  • Weekly Activities
  • Scorecard
  • Quarterly Goals
  • Revenue Chart

Transfer Information to Other Teams

  • Handoff Lead or Deal
  • Handoff Account or Prospect
  • Transition to Technical staff
  • Create CW ticket with Sales History Attached
  • Integration with OrderPorter and CW Sell

Our Strategic Advantages: Intelligence, Automation, and Integration

  • Natively built on top of ConnectWise (CW) Manage to best leverage historical and current sales data
  • Generate actionable sales insights based on artificial intelligence
  • Automate processes with CW-driven IT product catalog; outbound sequenced outreach
  • Boost engagement by pushing incoming marketing and sales leads and interest signals to reps
  • Integrate with existing sales tech stack: CW Manage, CW Sell, OrderPorter, Microsoft (MS) Outlook, MS Teams, SMS, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and more