3 Ways Sales Enablement Drives Business Growth

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3 Ways Sales Enablement Drives Business Growth

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Every successful sales team needs access to the proper resources to provide targeted outreach, engage leads, and close deals. With 42% of sales reps feeling like they don’t have the right tools and information to engage with customers and close deals, how do you ensure your sales team is supported? Sales enablement is one of the best ways.

HubSpot defines sales enablement as the “iterative process of providing your business’s sales team with the resources they need to close more deals. These resources may include content, tools, knowledge, and information to effectively sell your product or service to customers.” There are a variety of ways sales enablement can integrate into your business and drive your day-to-day operations — from structuring your overarching strategies to optimizing your automation technology. Continue reading to learn how sales enablement can drive business growth and how Plumly’s AI-powered sales tools can take that growth to the next level.

Optimize Your Sales Process and Tools

Technology is at the core of any successful sales enablement strategy. From software programs and CRMs to automation and AI tools, sales teams need access to a centralized hub of information to effectively manage their sales process. Investing in automation tools such as chat bots and email sequences are also integral ways to improve productivity among your team. Above all, it’s important your sales team is properly trained on all technology tools to ensure they utilize them to their full potential.

Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

When your sales and marketing teams are aligned, your business growth will soar. Gartner discusses the importance of this strategy: “End-to-end revenue operations and enablement offers a continuous feedback loop across the buyer journey and creates one singular go-to-market model for driving end-to-end revenue growth and customer acquisition.” With sales enablement, you can utilize tools, software, and content to optimize your sales and marketing teams and produce higher qualified leads.

Improve Close Rates and Forecasting Strategies

Did you know that approximately 58% of pipeline stalls occur because sales reps cannot add value? Sales enablement can prevent this pipeline stall and ensure your team knows how to communicate your business value. By utilizing clean and strategic data, your team can develop more effective outreach strategies, review what’s not working, and create clear sales plans. Additionally, you may also develop more effective training sessions to improve follow-up and foster stronger, more personalized client relationships.

Grow With Plumly

Are you interested in driving further success and revenue for your business? Consider Plumly. Our sales operations platform enables you to perform tasks you’ve never thought possible — from automating activity data and data scrubbing to monitoring goals and performance. Key features include digital sales plans to keep your team on track, AI-driven automation to improve productivity, engagement scoring and intent data to target leads the right way, and much more. With Plumly by your side, you will make your sales enablement goals a reality. Contact us to request a demo and see how Plumly can support your business growth.