Drive sales success with the Sales Ops Platform integrated with your PSA

Plumly uses automation along with data from your PSA and Microsoft 365 to drive sales best practices and accelerate growth at a lower cost

AI technology that accelerates sales and engages customers

Is your IT sales team wasting precious hours chasing unqualified leads, performing repetitive admin tasks, analyzing ambiguous sales forecasts, or facing other challenges that keep them from achieving their sales targets?

Plumly was developed by our team of small-business owners, so we know what it takes to address the challenges that SMBs face. We are committed to helping revenue teams build highly effective sales operations through repeatable, proven processes.

Our easy-to-use, centralized platform has all the essential tools and integrations you need to close more deals in less time. From prospecting new clients to engaging existing customers, we make it easier for you to meet and exceed your numbers.

Maximize your sales potential with AI-powered automation

Achieve better results in less time. Plumly’s sales operations platform enables you to perform tasks you’ve never thought possible:

  • Shorten ramp time and adoption of your sales team
  • Get all your sales reps to follow a consistent process
  • Automate data on activities
  • Deliver consistent results with weekly scorecards
  • Set goals and monitor performance
  • Lower your sales costs
img AI Powered Automation

Turn farmers into hunters

The “farmer” role in a sales environment retains converted customers, while the “hunters” close deals. Plumly will help you cultivate this culture of hunting by enabling your team to harness the power of data and automation to intelligently hunt for qualified leads and convert them into sales.

If you suffer from any of these problems, it’s time to leverage Plumly’s AI-driven technology to optimize your sales strategies and increase conversion rates:

  • We find it difficult to make sales forecasts and we don’t have individual plans for our reps.
  • We track everything using Microsoft Excel. It isn’t fast or smart, but it’s easy and we know how to use it.
  • Our reps can’t get enough touches out.
  • Following up isn’t fast or consistent across all of our reps.
  • Keeping our database current and accurate is very time-consuming. We haven’t updated our lists in a year.
  • Our reps say that encoding tasks takes too much time and we’re not sure if they are doing the work or not. By the time we realize they are underperforming or not having success, the entire quarter is lost.
img-Turn farmers into hunters

How MSPs and ITSPs grow with Plumly

Key features

Digital Sales Plans

Set up a sales plan for each rep that tracks their revenue goals, from product down to weekly activities, to help them successfully achieve their targets

AI-Driven Automation

Enable your team to validate and remediate issues with minimal errors, and dramatically increase touches and lower operational costs in a short period of time

Automated Data Scrubbing

Featuring our intelligent import tool that ensures your data is complete, accurate, and scrubbed before it’s imported

Automated Data and Lead Import

Our automated data and lead import tool automatically processes raw data into the system and cleans imported data using AI-based algorithms

Engagement Scoring and Intent Data

Target leads the right way, at the right time and easily determine which leads need to be prioritized

Microsoft 365 Integration

Save time and allow your reps to maximize the tools they already use with seamless Microsoft 365 integration

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