Boost your sales efficiency and increase capacity with Plumly’s key features

Digital Sales Plans

Our proprietary technology helps your team create a game-changing digital sales strategy with measurable outcomes that translate to real results.

Plumly does this by enabling your team to set up a sales plan for each rep that tracks their revenue goals, from product down to weekly activities, to help them successfully achieve their targets.

AI-Driven Automation

Automation is vital for sales activities to be streamlined and productive. It allows you to create smart, innovative ways of conducting your business and to apply improved processes of interacting with customers, prospects, and employees.

As a platform powered by AI, Plumly will help your team to validate and remediate issues with minimal errors, dramatically increase touches, and lower operational costs in a short period of time.

Automated Data Scrubbing

In order for your team to put their sales skills to better use, the business data they are dealing with on a regular basis must be clean, error-free, and readily available for reporting and analysis.

Plumly’s intelligent import tool ensures your enterprise data is complete, accurate, and scrubbed before it’s imported, so your workforce can be more time-efficient and cost-effective in performing all of their sales activities.

Automated Data and Lead Import

MSP sales teams work with large amounts of data, so streamlining the process of importing sales leads saves you time, facilitates better decision-making, and helps your team start more sales conversations.

Plumly’s automated data and lead import tool automatically processes raw data into your system and cleans imported data using AI-based algorithms, so you can analyze and utilize it more easily.

Engagement Scoring and Intent Data

B2B companies like MSPs and ITSPs work with an extensive list of clients, but only a small percentage of their potential customers are engaged at any given time.

Your team can maximize the results of the various buyer personas you are working with through effective engagement scoring and intent data analysis. By targeting leads the right way at the right time, your reps can better acquire potential leads, set up appointments, and ultimately close the deal.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Managing all the apps that your team uses and making them work efficiently as one cohesive unit can be frustrating. They may seem independent of each other, but efficient integration is possible.

To save time and maximize the tools your team is already using, we’ve seamlessly integrated Plumly with leading productivity apps such as Microsoft 365 to facilitate the smooth functioning of your sales operations.