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Top 5 Microsoft 365 Tips To Help Your Sales Role

Top 5 Microsoft 365 Tips To Help Your Sales Role 926 517 Plumly Team

There are many programs and applications your team can use to improve their sales process. One of the most common and beneficial tools is Microsoft 365. With Microsoft’s suite of tools, you can greatly improve your sales role. In fact, a comprehensive study from the Forrester on the Total Economic Impact of Microsoft 365 for Business found an impressive amount of quantifiable and unquantifiable data supporting this. A few noteworthy mentions included improved business productivity, increased cash flow, and reduced total cost of risk.

From Office applications and email services to security and cloud infrastructure, Microsoft 365 offers cost effective solutions to streamline your sales processes. Continue reading to learn more about our top five Microsoft 365 tips to help your sales role, as well as how Plumly integrates with this important tool to make your sales process even smoother.

Top 5 Microsoft 365 Tips For Sales

Wondering how Microsoft 365 can improve your sales process? Check out our top tips:

1. Streamline sales planning activities.
Sales planning is one of the most important aspects of an efficient sales team. Not only will clear sales plans keep your team on track, they will also support your overall business goals. You can utilize Microsoft Teams coordinate key initiatives by creating specific channels for each aspect such as monthly sales pipeline goals and quarterly sales targets. Additionally, your sales team can take advantage of the Planner tool to further organize tasks by assigning projects and monitoring progress. Overall, your team will also be able to use the messaging, voice, and video communication features that Teams offers, streamlining communication and keeping everyone focused.

2. Organize and streamline data.
Microsoft OneDrive is a great application to organize and streamline your most important sales data. Because of its robust cloud-based capabilities, your sales team can work from anywhere and collaborate on projects in real time. You can rest assured that your data will be protected, too. Your sales team can also share large files and presentations easily through SharePoint, making productivity a breeze.

3. Manage customer interactions.
With Outlook’s Customer Manager tool, your sales team can track their contacts and manage their customer profiles with ease. The tool tracks all of the customer’s information, communication history, task history, total number of deals and revenue, and more. Customer Manager also integrates with several applications: Bing to update client company information and Cortana to set tasks and appointments automatically. Both of these integrations allow your team to utilize automation to improve communications and scale their efforts. Your team can also utilize Dynamics 365 for a deeper dive into their customer data.

4. Stay on track with sales forecasting.
With Dynamics 365, your sales managers can view forecasted sales, sales pipeline segmentation, and sales targets. Managers can also manage their team with ease and update any pipeline forecast changes in real time. Sales forecasting is an excellent way to manage your team, stay on target, and implement remediation plans if need be.

5. Utilize performance reporting.
Dynamics 365 also features robust reporting tools to track performance and review sales history. As a sales manager, you can fully control your reporting metrics. Sort your reports by key metrics such as “Won Opportunities” and further segment by customer and/or revenue gains.

Plumly’s Integration Microsoft 365 Applications

With our experience in the world of small business, we knew we had to ensure Plumly integrated with the Microsoft 365 applications you rely on most. This makes your data even more actionable and improves data sharing among your team. We’re happy to share that Plumly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Graph. Learn more about our integration capabilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Plumly works with Microsoft 365 and your overall sales process, contact us today. Whether you’re a sales leader looking to improve your team or an account manager hoping to streamline your account outreach, we look forward to driving your success with these important technology tools.

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