Why Sales Intelligence Will Change MSP Growth

Everything you need to know about Plumly and AI technology
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Why Sales Intelligence Will Change MSP Growth

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Sales intelligence delivers a wide variety of benefits to your sales and marketing teams – and your organization as a whole. It’s a way to aggregate data and pivot next steps in a more comprehensive way. It can help you discover, analyze, present, and capture unrealized revenue. According to recent reports from the CyberEdge Group, the vast majority of MSPs (87%) experience employee skill shortfalls to help grow the business.

How can we help close that gap? By embracing emerging technologies that are paired with sales intelligence to enable your team to do more. In fact, 88% of Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) have already invested in or are considering investing in AI analytics tools and technologies. What if you and your team could have a simpler, faster, and more accurate tool to perform all of your sales tasks? As many of us continue to navigate the digital transformation and embrace the hybrid work model, we understand the need for a solution that reduces sales admin time, creates performance transparency, and helps you forge ahead with confidence.

According to VentureBeat, the best way to support the workforce for the future to a level that can successfully influence sales workflows and overall business growth is to establish a strong AI foundation. It will soon be more and more obvious as to which organizations are staying ahead of their competitors by leveraging more intelligent tools to drive daily operations. In the end, we know the more you enable your team, the better. And that goes for the more automation, the better too.

Plumly is a sales intelligence and automation platform for MSPs. Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Minimize Headcount: Reduce admin time through automation with digital plans and intent data all in one hub.
  • Leverage Your Apps: Integrate your existing tools using integrations such as ConnectWise CRM, M365, etc.
  • Grow Your Revenue: Gain better data, accelerate lead generation, enhance existing, and capture revenue.

We want you to say goodbye to busy work. Spreadsheets are a thing of the past and we know this because we’ve listened, we’ve experienced it, and now we’ve solved it. We launched Plumly to increase your capacity through process automation and predictive analytics so you can get 10x the opportunities. Other key benefits include:

  • Setting up sales trigger alerts to follow up with a prospect, schedule a meeting, and more.
  • Enriching and cleaning your existing customer data to identify cross/upsell opportunities.
  • Personalizing your sales strategy by identifying specific content their interested in.
  • Digital sales plans that help with overall segmentation, tracking, and management.

If you’re interested in learning what sales intelligence can do for your organization, reach out to us.