Enhancing The Tools You Already Have

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Enhancing The Tools You Already Have

Enhance Sales Tools

As an MSP, there are many different tools your sales team utilizes to help streamline your sales processes, make work more efficient, and increase productivity. With the right integrations, you can enhance the tools you’re already using, make your data more actionable, and see visible growth for your business. Plumly is the integrative tool you’ve been searching for to make this goal a reality. With unlimited potential for two-way sales data sharing, your MSP can utilize Plumly’s AI-powered platform alongside the tools you rely on every day.

In this post, we will highlight two of the most common and critical MSP tools, ConnectWise and Microsoft 365, and discuss how Plumly’s seamless integration can provide your sales team with more automation, ease, and growth in their sales outreach.


Your MSP is likely utilizing ConnectWise’s robust CRM capabilities. When you integrate with Plumly, your sales team will be able to tap into a variety of enhanced features such as targeted engagement scoring and sales intelligence. This will add depth to your ConnectWise data and reporting, allowing your team to make more targeted outreach and strategic business decisions.

Clean, optimized data is a key driver of business success, and Plumly’s integration with ConnectWise can help. With our automated data scrubbing tool, your team can ensure their data is clean and accurate before importing. Optimized data can improve your sales forecasting strategy, buyer journeys, customer engagement, and more. Read one of our blog posts on the importance of data optimization to learn more.

We understand that MSP sales teams work with large amounts of data and utilize many applications, so streamlining the process of managing leads will improve your sales operations. From saving time to helping facilitate better business decisions, Plumly and ConnectWise will help your sales teams achieve more.

Microsoft 365

As a leading business productivity application, we know that Microsoft 365 is core component of your every day operations. From email communication and video conferencing to project collaboration and data sharing, Microsoft 365 allows your team to communicate effectively, work collaboratively from anywhere, and keep your data secure. By integrating your Microsoft 365 account with Plumly, your sales team can save even more time and maximize your Microsoft 365 tools. Say goodbye to juggling too many applications and hello to smooth sales operations with our integration.

Another key way that Plumly helps enhance your Microsoft 365 tools is through our AI-powered automation. Automation is vital for sales activities to be streamlined and productive. It allows you to create smart, innovative ways to simplify your business strategy and interact more efficiently with customers, prospects, and employees. With Plumly and Microsoft 365 working together, your sales team will dramatically increase touches while lowering operational costs — a win-win for your business!

Utilizing Microsoft 365 for sales tasks and outreach is another component of your sales process, and Plumly’s integration can take your sales task management to the next level. Activity Stream, our central intelligence hub, helps you stay on top of your opportunities, respond to leads, and continually move deals forward. This allows you to save time by focusing on the right tasks when they need to get done. Plus, our sales automation technology tracks all activities for you — even from Microsoft 365. Whenever you send emails, make a phone calls, or set appointments, rest assured that Plumly will track everything so you don’t have to.

Integrate With Plumly Today

By integrating critical business tools like ConnectWise and Microsoft 365 with Plumly’s AI-powered platform, your business can benefit from enhanced tools. From ensuring your data is accurate and enhancing reporting functionalities to automating your sales processes and tracking sales tasks, your MSP can achieve more by integrating with Plumly. Learn more about our integrations or schedule a demo with us to see for yourself. We look forward to showing you how Plumly can drive business growth for your MSP.