The only Sales Engagement Platform built for IT Service Providers and MSPs.

Save time. Drive Sales Success. Increase revenue.

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For Sales Leaders & Executives

Orchestrate and organize the entire team using a platform designed to keep your team focused on customers. It’s a complete sales tool built exclusively for ITSPs and MSPs ; and is fully integrated with Connectwise. The features reduce sales admin time, create performance transparency, and let you capture unrealized revenue.

For Business Development and Prospecting

Simpler, faster, and more accurate than spreadsheets or CRM. Your one app to stay disciplined on prospecting with features like click-to-call, appointment scheduling, and email with Microsoft 365. Forge ahead with confidence and grow the business.

For Account Managers and vCIOs

One place to manage your customer. Service tickets, deals, meetings. Engage more with your customer, improve retention, and drive new revenue opportunities.

Connectwise Integrated

You have enormous potential and your CRM is locking up data that could help you succeed. The Plumly platform makes the most of your CRM. It enhances with acceleration features, engagement, and intelligence.

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Online Sales Plans

Make tracking with spreadsheets a thing of the past. Develop an online sales plan with each team member with specific weekly activities and revenue targets. The sales plan sets the targets and allows the sales person and the manager to track the performance in scorecards and revenue performance reports.  Sales staff know exactly where they are every week and insights on what they need to improve to increase performance.

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Manage Sales Tasks

Plumly knows what needs to get done.  Activity Stream, our central intelligence hub, helps you stay on top of your opportunities, respond to leads, and continually move deals forward. You’ll be able to gain back valuable time by focusing on the right tasks when they need to get done.  And you’ll have piece of mind knowing that our sales automation technology tracks those activities for you when sending emails, making phone calls, or setting appointments.

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